Frequently Ask Questions

Pre-sales Questions
We have listed below some common pre-sales questions which you would like to know before placing your order. For more questions you can initiate our 24x7 Live Chat support. You can chat with live sales representative any time by clicking on the Live Chat Image on the top right corner of the website.

  • Q. Where are your web servers located?
    • A. Our state-of-the-art web servers are in various multi-million dollar data centers in USA that have premium connectivity to the Internet. This ensures some of the highest uptime possible for your web sites and mail communication systems.
  • Q. What is your servers uptime record?
    • A. Since we began hosting, our uptime record has exceeded 99.9%. Our Servers are capable to host applications / sites with even more exceptional / mission-critical high bandwidth.
  • Q. Will I get adequate Technical support?
    • A. Yes, we provide all technical support to our customers through Email and Live Chat Support. We provide 24x7x365 Days Live Support.
  • Q. I don't have any experience in creating a site. Who can help me create, host my website?
    • A. We provide FREE online Website Builder. This site builder has more than 600 ready professional website templates. You can use them and create your site in few clicks. This site builder is FREE on all hosting plans.
  • Q. What happens after I sign up for a web site?
    • A. When you signup and pay for the hosting your account is created instantly on the server. A Welcome E-Mail will be sent to you which contains all the login information of your account. The account is in ready to use condition as soon as the payment is done as whole process is automated.
  • Q. What payment methods do you accept?
    • A. We accept all major forms of credit and debit cards which include Visa, Mastercard, American Express & Discover. We also take PayPal payments as-well
  • Q. I want to signup but coming form a different host, can you help with transfers?
    • A. Absolutely! We offer free transfer services. We'll move your website files from your old host and we'll even transfer the domain for you to our network.If the account is very large then conditions may apply.
  • Q. Can I upgrade or downgrade my account?
    • A. Yes, your client area allows you to upgrade-downgrade accounts, the great part is, once you select your new package, its provisioned instantly for you. All you have to pay is the difference between the two plans. The upgrade or downgrade is free.
  • Q. Are there any setup fees or other hidden costs?
    • A. We guarantee there are NO setup fees or hidden costs of ANY kind, you just pay the cost of the hosting plan for 6 or 12 months, plus the cost of a domain name if you need it.
  • Q. Your prices are very cheap, will they increase in future ?
    • A. Yes we agree that our prices are very cheap but we guarantee that our prices will never increase. They will be always the same and will never increase in future.
  • Q. Is My Credit Card Information Safe?
    • A. uses a third party credit card processor, therfore we don't have access to your credit card information. does not store your credit card information on our servers. The services we use are & PayPal.
  • Q. For Hosting my site with, am I required to transfer my domain to
    • A. No, you are not required to transfer your domain to us. You need to just change the Domain Name Servers (DNS) setting with your current domain registrar.
  • Q. What WHOIS information would be available for my free domain name?
    • A. We use a WHOIS protection service from our domain Registrar which means that the contact details of the domain owner are hidden from the public. If you want your own WHOIS information to be publicly available, let us know through a helpdesk ticket or Live Chat and we would take care of it for you.
  • Q. Can I run an online store by using a shopping cart software?
    • A. Yes you can and we provide many free shopping cart scripts for you to use. You can even install them with one click of a button. You would however need to use a shopping cart that is based out of PHP scripting language and MYSQL database software.
  • Q. Do you host adult websites?
    • A. We can host adult websites but all adult content must be legal and comply with the Internet Laws of the United States of America.
  • Q. Can I keep my domain name when I change a host?
    • A. Yes, if you own a domain name, then, when you need to move to another host, you just need to point your domain's nameservers to this new host. If you registered your domain name with a host and you now want to move, you should find your registration records or contact this host and ask them how to control your domain name. If you have a problem, you can usually see the name of the Registrar by performing a "WHOIS" query on your domain name and contact them.
  • Q. Can I run my own software on my site?
    • A. All plans will allow running scripts in languages such as Perl or PHP. They will also allow you to run "Cron" which enables you to automatically execute programs or scripts at a specific time and date.
  • Q. Will you place ads on my site?
    • A. Although there are some web hosting companies doing such practices, will NEVER place ads on your site. Clients of our Web Hosting Service can enjoy 100% bannerless hosting. You can also to run your own ads on your website. There are absolutely no restrictions -- your website belongs to you and you will have its content in your hands.
  • Q. Can I host multiple domain names under one account?
    • A. We provide UNLIMITED Hosting of domains. You can host unlimited domains under your account.

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